Access Information

Bloomsbury Theatre and Bloomsbury Studio are situated within the UCL Campus at 15 Gordon Street, WC1H 0AH.

We are a 7 minute walk from Euston Station (Victoria/Northern tube, various overground and buses). Full travel updates are available at the TFL website.

There are 4 steps from street level to the main entrance, and a further 7 steps to the main foyer where the Box Office is situated. There is a lift to avoid these steps from street level to the main foyer.

An infrared hearing system is installed in the Main Auditorium, headsets are available on request. There are two types of headsets – a receiver that works in conjunction with a hearing aid telecoil and a receiver with headphones.

In the Studio Theatre we have an induction loop which can be accessed by using the ‘T’ position on a hearing aid.

Guide and hearing dogs are welcome. Please notify Box Office when making your booking so we can arrange an aisle seat. Alternatively, the Front of House department will be delighted to mind your dog during the performance.

We offer a free companion ticket to all our disabled customers.

We would love your feedback regarding access at the Bloomsbury. Please feel free to contact us by email, call 020 3108 1000, or speak to a member of staff.

Main House

Stalls Seats
Link to access map for Bloomsbury Theatre Stalls (pdf)
Once the main foyer is reached The stalls are accessible via a flight of seven steps or a wheelchair lift, seats past row E are easiest to reach via the auditorium aisle as this comprises one or two shallow steps between each subsequent row (see map). Rows A to D have ramp access on the near side aisle. Before the auditorium itself is open feel free to request a chair whilst you wait. Rows are on average thirty seats wide, numbers starting from the entrance foyer side, as the auditorium fills up these will be harder to reach without taking an alternative route with more stairs.

The foyer bar is accessible via two further flights of three and six steps (in addition to the initial steps/wheelchair lift). The easiest toilets to reach from the stalls are on the lower ground floor via the building lobby lifts. There is also an accessible toilet next to the box office in the lobby (ask staff if you require a radar key.)

Stalls Accessible Seats
These are located in row E1-2/4-5 and A1-2/5-6, they can be reached from street level via two wheelchair lifts, one at the building entrance and one just past the ticket check at the theatre entrance. Level access to the main bar from these seats is unfortunately not possible, our staff are available to take orders. Accessible toilets are located through the doors to the right of box office in the lobby or via a lift from the outer foyer (UG floor) to the basement (LG floor).
Transfer seats with removable arm rests on the aisle side are located at F1, G1 and H1.

Circle seats
Link to access map for Bloomsbury Theatre Circle (pdf)
The circle can be reached via a stairwell to the left of the main bar (which itself is past three sets of seven, three and six steps respectively). The circle stairs comprise three flights of thirteen, fourteen and four steps. On request at the main doors patrons can be escorted via the lobby lifts and given access to an alternative entrance on the circle level with level access (via a wheelchair lift) to the uppermost rows of the circle (row E and the Gallery Slips). Once in the circle, rows D to A are down aisles comprising three steps per subsequent row (see map). Patrons in the first few rows of the circle or the Circle Slips can use the Circle Slips stairs (sixteen steps, see stalls map) for less steps overall.

Circle wheelchair spaces
Enquire at the main entrance ticket check and we will escort you via the lobby lift to an alternative entrance on the circle level and a further wheelchair lift to your space just beyond the circle entrance (seats E1-2/4-5). Here there is level access to the circle bar, if this is not staffed we will happily take orders for the main bar. There is also an accessible toilet on this level (a radar key is available at the circle bar or from staff on request).

Bloomsbury Studio

Link to access map for Bloomsbury Studio (pdf)
There is a lift from the Box Office area down to the Studio (Upper Ground {UG} to Lower Ground {LG}). There are 15 steps from the main entrance down to this area.
Accessible toilets and changing facilities are available in both ladies and gents in this area. There is a separate accessible toilet with RADAR access. A key is available from the bar on request.

The Studio is an unallocated seating venue. Accessible seats can be reserved in advance, just speak to our Box Office when making your booking. You may be asked what size wheelchair you use, if relevant, this is so we can ensure you will have adequate space and sight lines to the stage.