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  1. Cher Trésor

    Bloomsbury Theatre
    Wed, 06/05/2015

    Après L'emmerdeur et Le diner de Cons, découvrez la toute nouvelle création de Francis Veber. Cette fois, le héros de Veber apparaît sous les traits d’un chômeur de longue date, sans un sous en poche et délaissé par ses proches...

  2. One-Way Ticket to Heaven

    Bloomsbury Theatre
    Thu, 07/05/2015 to Fri, 08/05/2015

    One-Way Ticket to Heaven the new comedy gospel musical.
    Magical Tunes presents an exclusive pre-release production at the Bloomsbury.

    The Musical One-Way Ticket to Heaven is a spiritual and entertaining story between Roman mythology and the classical journey of a Hero. With its catchy gospel songs it is in step with the zeitgeist of all social classes and generations. The intelligently told story does not limit the audience's intellect. It does not exclusively address Musical lovers, but also the classical theatre audience. The music delivers the best in musical theatre tradition: A combination of charm and dramaturgy and a lot of catchy Musical songs.

  3. Radio Stanshall

    Bloomsbury Theatre
    Sat, 09/05/2015

    2015 marks 20 years since the passing of the late, great Vivian Stanshall. Join us for an all-star gala performance of his meisterwerk 'Sir Henry at Rawlinson End' plus Bonzos classics as originally performed on John Peel's radio show.

  4. The Houseless Shadow

    Bloomsbury Studio
    Wed, 13/05/2015

    Urban Lab Films: Cities After Hours

    In the second Nocturnal City screening, in the newly opened studio of the Bloomsbury Theatre, we explore the inequalities of the city at night, from those who work, those who unwind, and those who sleep rough.

    William Raban joins us to introduce and discuss his film The Houseless Shadow (2011), a contemporary portrait of London at night inspired by Charles Dickens’s essay Night Walks.

  5. Richard Herring - Lord Of The Dance Settee

    Bloomsbury Theatre
    Thu, 14/05/2015 to Fri, 15/05/2015

    After covering weighty issues like death, love, religion and spam javelins, “The King of Edinburgh” (List) is in a frivolous mood with this show about daftness, whether the term “cool comedian” is an oxymoron, bouncing joyously on the sofa and how Herring’s whole career is a failed attempt to top a piece of visual slapstick comedy he came up with at 16. Can he revisit the joke thirty years on or will it smash his old bones?

  6. Jack and Dean Live

    Bloomsbury Theatre
    Sat, 16/05/2015

    Right at the fore of the New Media Revolution, YouTube mega-stars Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs are the most exciting double act in the digital world. Their hilarious comedy shorts and sketches regularly attract fans from all over the world, and their YouTube channels boast over 27 million views.

    Jack and Dean are currently developing a brand new sitcom for television and a radio show for BBC Radio 1. They recently headlined at this year’s Summer In The City, Reading and Leeds Festivals.

  7. Resistance

    Bloomsbury Theatre
    Mon, 18/05/2015

    Resistance - The film, followed by a debate on Antimicrobial Resistance. Described by the World Health Organisation as one of the three greatest threats to mankind.

    The evening will begin with a screening of the film “Resistance” which looks at the devastating impact of antibiotic resistance and asks “Do we need to save antibiotics to save ourselves”.

  8. Laugh Till It Hurts

    Bloomsbury Theatre
    Wed, 20/05/2015

    John Robins (MC) "Chortle Compere of 2015 winner", "One of the most naturally gifted comedians I've seen" The Telegraph. Paul Foot "His jokes fit together in complex ways like equations beyond the reach of our understanding" Time Out. Tony Law “You feel as if you’ve been to a masterclass” The Stage. Sara Pascoe "uses erudite references as just one strand of an offbeat worldview, offset by moments of gloriously deliberate dumbness and delivered with nothing less than full-megawatt charisma” The Guardian. "The Two Johns" - Terry Alderton and Johnny Spurling "A new act described by Keith Allen as "astoundingly good" and “The future of comedy!” by Jon Richardson. James Acaster "Chortle breakthrough act 2015 winner and Chortle Best Show 2015 winner", "One of the sharpest comic minds to have emerged in recent years" The Guardian. Robin Ince “He has won three Chortle Awards, including the Time Out Outstanding Achievement Award and was nominated for Best Live Show at the British Comedy Awards”.