El método Gronholm

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This event has now ended. It took place on the 4-5 Feb 2010.

El Motodo

UCL Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies present El método Gronholm

Based on the play by Jordi Galcerán adapted by Mateo Gil & Marcelo Piñeyro

A biting satire of faceless and dehumanising multinational corporations, the Gronhölm method pushes seven applicants at an interview to ignore ethical boundaries and see how far they are willing to compromise their moral values in order to get the job. One of them is a company mole, while two of their number know each other from before. Are they willing to manipulate their past romantic entanglement in order to secure the post in the mysterious corporation or will love triumph over greed? A modern day parable for our times, this play has become ever more relevant in the light of the global paroxysm of the credit and banking crises.

Tickets £7, £5 concessions