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This event has now ended. It took place on the 8-10 Feb 2011.

LysistrataThe war has been interminable. With no end in sight, Lysistrata gathers together a group of women from across the warring sides, and presents them with one final option to put an end to the fighting: a sex strike. After a little gentle persuasion, the women are convinced that this shocking campaign might just work to bring about peace. However, maintaining their chastity in the face of temptation and outrage from the male quarters proves harder than expected for Lysistrata, with hilarious yet thought-provoking consequences. Can a woman triumph where no men could, ensuring peace for generations to come?

Our production of Lysistrata draws on all of the traditions of Greek comedy, especially its vigorous engagement with crucial political and social issues. Consequently, we are placing it in an innovative new setting – the Napoleonic Wars, and, more specifically, the Peninsular War.
This is a unique interpretation of one of Aristophanes’ greatest works, and will provide a platform to promote discussion of ancient Greek comedy and its performance in modern times.

Tickets £9, Concessions £6