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  1. Catching the Ghost

    Bloomsbury Studio
    Tue, 17/10/2017

    Catching the Ghost is the debut play from Chris Campion, a visually impaired actor and musician from London. It’s a two-hander which describes the complex journey of a young man (Chris) whose gradual loss of sight takes him through an uncompromising experience of depression and split identity.

  2. Lucid

    Bloomsbury Studio
    Sat, 21/10/2017

    A funny, insightful and at times disturbing exploration of the strange yet familiar logic of dreams. Lucid uses sound, object manipulation and physical theatre to mine the depths of the subconscious.

  3. CALAIS – Crew for Calais

    Bloomsbury Studio
    Sat, 21/10/2017

    This piece is woven from the Twitter feeds of Refugee Info Bus and Help Refugees during the final clearance of the Calais camp. A guest performer opens the envelope with the script and then shares the events of the eviction with the audience in real time, as they read it themselves.

  4. The Dance Hall

    Bloomsbury Studio
    Sun, 22/10/2017

    An intimate and comedic story about Irish grandparents that met at a Dance Hall in England, that touches on themes of immigration, loss, loneliness, family, ageing and most importantly (in)dependance.