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  1. Bang Said the Gun

    Bloomsbury Studio
    Thu, 25/02/2016

    Bang Said The Gun is poetry for people who don’t like poetry.

    Voted the best poetry night in the UK by the Times, Bang Said The Gun has made poetry cool again.

    With Jess Green and Kat Francois.

  2. Jack Drum’s Entertainment by John Marston

    Bloomsbury Studio
    Mon, 07/03/2016

    In Renaissance London, the cynical Ned Planet observes the changing fortunes of two aristocratic heiresses and their social network: Katherine is courted by the impoverished but loyal Pasquil, the conniving usurer Master Mammon, and the ridiculous Master Puff, while her sister, Camelia, vacillates between an army of suitors according to the self-interested advice of her serving maid, Winifred. Meanwhile, Winifred conducts her own intrigues surrounding the extravagant Frenchman John fo’ de King, who will do anything to get a ‘vench’.

  3. In the Round

    Bloomsbury Studio
    Tue, 08/03/2016

    Celebrate International Women's Day with 3 artists from Ireland, England and Scotland.
    In the Round for International Women’s Day.