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  1. Dead Funny

    Sun, 02/11/2014

    An (almost) Halloween Night of horror and comedy.

    To tie in with the publication of a new anthology of horror stories by comedians, an evening of stand up, music, readings and maybe the return of some killer crabs.

    With Charlie Higson, Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Steve Pretty, Joanna Neary, Johnny Mains, Robin Ince and a host of guests to be named.

  2. I died in hell – (They called it Passchendaele)

    Tue, 04/11/2014

    WW1 through Europe’s Literatures.

    We can no longer speak to those who fought in the trenches. But we can speak their language. In German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Turkish with English narration and surtitles, the imaginative response to conflict will be explored in a unique multimedia performance. From the euphoria of 1914 to the disillusionment that soon set in, video art combined with spoken and written word will bring war poetry to life and reveal new European perspectives on WW1. Programme and artistic direction by Flemish-Dutch cultural institution Ons Erfdeel, organised by the Centre for Low Countries Studies at UCL with funding from UCL Grand Challenges and the Representation of the Flemish Government in the UK.

  3. John Shuttleworth in 'A Wee Ken To Remember'

    Mon, 01/12/2014 to Tue, 02/12/2014

    As heard recently on BBC Radio 4's "John Shuttleworth's Lounge Music"

    Versatile singer/organist, John Shuttleworth, wants to share fond memories of his favourite past weekends. However, a typo on the poster means John is obliged to spend the evening paying homage to his next-door neighbour and sole agent - the diminutive Ken Worthington. He'll probably end up doing both! In this brand new show, Shuttleworth ("Sheffield's funniest man" The Times) will perform classic tunes such as "Two Margarines" and "I Cant Go Back To Savoury Now" as well as new ditties like "Bitter Sweet Memories" and "Relatives In Rotherham".

  4. Peter Pan

    Thu, 11/12/2014 to Sun, 14/12/2014

    This December, Peter Pan is coming home to Bloomsbury in a new breathtaking amateur production of Sir James Barrie's timeless tale of the boy who never grew up.

    Join Peter, Wendy, John and Michael at the Bloomsbury Theatre this Christmas for a spectacular high-flying adventure to the magical world of Neverland and sail with Tinkerbell through the skies over London in this stunning musical interpretation by Stiles & Drewe and the late Willis Hall.

  5. The Santa Claus Science Experiment

    Mon, 15/12/2014 to Sun, 21/12/2014

    Lapland is the home of Christmas, and laps. And lapdogs and laptops. But chaos strikes when elf magic is banned from the workshop by the Elf & Safety Inspector. How can Christmas happen without magic? Can Santa, his elves and some scientists save the day using science?

    Written by Howard Read (CBBC's Little Howard's Big Question) and Tiernan Douieb (Comedy Club 4 Kids) the Santa Claus Science Experiment is an alternative panto that puts the Science back into Christmas (so it says "Chrisciencemas" and no longer makes sense). For 6-99 year olds who like science, comedy & Christmas. Which is pretty much everyone!

  6. The NATYS: New Acts of the Year 2015

    Sun, 25/01/2015

    "The most important talent showcase in the country" The Guardian

    The Bloomsbury welcomes the return of the London's legendary New Variety Comedy showcase.

    Over three Autumn months at Rich Mix Arts Centre, the NATYS Spotlight Nights will see 100 new acts, performing stand-up, musical, sketch and speciality comedy. Up to 15 will be booked to appear on the coveted NATYS New Variety Bill that has now found its new home at the Bloomsbury.

  7. Richard Herring - Lord Of The Dance Settee

    Thu, 14/05/2015 to Fri, 15/05/2015

    After covering weighty issues like death, love, religion and spam javelins, “The King of Edinburgh” (List) is in a frivolous mood with this show about daftness, whether the term “cool comedian” is an oxymoron, bouncing joyously on the sofa and how Herring’s whole career is a failed attempt to top a piece of visual slapstick comedy he came up with at 16. Can he revisit the joke thirty years on or will it smash his old bones?