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  1. Dead Funny

    Sun, 02/11/2014

    An (almost) Halloween Night of horror and comedy.

    To tie in with the publication of a new anthology of horror stories by comedians, an evening of stand up, music, readings and maybe the return of some killer crabs.

    With Charlie Higson, Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Steve Pretty, Joanna Neary, Johnny Mains, Robin Ince, Kevin Eldon, Mitch Benn, George Egg and a host of guests to be named.

  2. I died in hell – (They called it Passchendaele)

    Tue, 04/11/2014

    WW1 through Europe’s Literatures.

    We can no longer speak to those who fought in the trenches. But we can speak their language. In German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Turkish with English narration and surtitles, the imaginative response to conflict will be explored in a unique multimedia performance. From the euphoria of 1914 to the disillusionment that soon set in, video art combined with spoken and written word will bring war poetry to life and reveal new European perspectives on WW1. Programme and artistic direction by Flemish-Dutch cultural institution Ons Erfdeel, organised by the Centre for Low Countries Studies at UCL with funding from UCL Grand Challenges, the Representation of the Flemish Government in the UK, Flemish-Dutch house deBuren and the Netherlands Embassy.

  3. Science Showoff

    Thu, 06/11/2014

    The chaotic science cabaret event, Science Showoff, your favourite chaotic night of science exploration, is back at the Bloomsbury.

    Ten of UCL and London's finest communicators of science will share their knowledge and entertain you throughout the evening with jokes, talks, music, demos and even poetry. Your host is Dr. Steve Cross, geeky joke-teller and veteran of more than 60 Science Showoffs.

  4. The Act of Killing (15) - followed by Q&A

    Mon, 17/11/2014

    UCLU Film Society in collaboration with the UCL Psychology Department present The Act of Killing.

    The Act of Killing is a pioneer in a new wave of documentary filmmaking, recognised as Best Documentary by the BAFTAs and nominated in the same category at the Academy Awards. It explores the events of the 1965-66 genocide in Indonesia, which saw over 500,000 people killed. The perpetrators of these crimes against humanity, the leaders of the infamous death squads, don't simply live free in the community they are celebrated. Joshua Oppenheimer gets them to recreate their acts of murder in the style of their favourite film genres and explores their psychological state, some 50 years on, in this transfixing work.

  5. John Shuttleworth in 'A Wee Ken To Remember'

    Mon, 01/12/2014 to Tue, 02/12/2014

    Versatile singer/organist, John Shuttleworth, has a dilemma: he wanted to tell the audience all about his most memorable weekends in his exciting new show - A Weekend to Remember. But next-door neighbour and sole agent, Ken Worthington has thwarted John's plans, by cocking up the artwork of the show's poster. "Weekend" has become "Wee Ken" and there's nothing John can do about it. He is now duty-bound to steer the evening towards a celebration of the diminutive impresario's life in "A WEE KEN to Remember".