Aristophanes' Clouds

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This event has now ended. It took place on the 11-13 Feb 2014.

Aristophanes' Clouds

The UCL Classical Drama Society and the Department of Greek & Latin are proud to present Aristophanes' Clouds, directed by Kyriaki Ioannidou and João Francisco Ribeiro, in a modern translation by John Claughton and Judith Affleck.

Clouds is the story of an overwrought father, Strepsiades, and his attempts to solve the family's debts run up by his young horse-loving dandy of a son, Pheidippides. His desperation leads him to consult the famous philosopher Socrates at his 'Thinkery' where he is taught all the essentials of life (whether he likes it or not!) such as: how to capture the planet's moisture of thought, how to excel in rectal astronomy, how to be a fib-fabricator, a parent beater and a coiner of legalese. Will Strepsiades succeed in his studying struggles and his battle against the creditors? Or will he prove to be an impossible student?

Our production will maintain the traditions of Ancient Greek theatre: masks, music and the chorus but with a modern twist. Our aim is to bring the genre alive for modern audiences with an accessible English translation, live music, outlandish costumes, props and updated jokes referring to contemporary British society. The production will be an accessible introduction for those unfamiliar with Ancient Greek Theatre but also an exciting, hilarious window into the lives and culture of the Ancient Greeks. Come along for the ride!

One of the most famous Athenian comic playwrights, Aristophanes (c. 446 - c. 386 BC) was regularly chosen to present his plays at the comedy competitions of the Lenaea and Dionysia festivals. Though he wrote about forty plays, only eleven survive, nine of which were written during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. Clouds was first produced in the Dionysia of 423 BC, but to Aristophanes' great disappointment, the play was placed third and last. He revised the play for a second production (which was never performed) and this is the version that survives today.

Tickets: £9, concessions £6
(booking fee £2.50 per transaction)

To complement the production of Clouds, the UCL Department of Greek & Latin is offering a series of free public talks by academics and workshops by theatre practitioners which aim to illuminate the play and its context and to bring Old Comedy to life for a modern generation. To find out more about this exciting programme, to book a place, please visit